What is this?

A private book club community for readers wanting to nourish deeper connections with one another hosted on a Discord Server

Who can join?

Anyone who is seeking a bookish community of friends.

Can my friends join?

Yes! Any readers seeking community are welcome! Please note that open enrollment dates will apply.

How do I join?

Purchase a 6 month membership during the next enrollment period and you will be added to the community.

When is the next enrollment?

The next enrollment periods will be around November 1st-15th & May 1st-15th. You can join the waitlist by clicking here and filling out the form to be notified when enrollment opens back up.

Why do you only offer enrollment twice a year?

We do this to allow our community members time to connect and get to know each other over the 6-month time frame before introducing new members. We have found this allows for a more intentional framework to build the authentic community we are all searching for.

I have more questions, who do I contact?

Please reach out to Coco via email thekeepersofbooks@outlook.com or on Instagram

Why is there a fee?

The fee grants you access to the community. It’s used to cover admin costs, giveaways, deposits for retreats, & to dissuade spammers or inactive members from joining. We are aiming for authentic connections of readers.

Where is this based?

Most of our members are in the US, though international friends are welcome to join our web-based activities. International members won’t be able to join the postal or in-person meet-ups until our international membership grows, but will receive a discounted membership with the code INTERNATIONAL

What do I get from joining?

Community. You will get an invite to join our Discord server. We host lots of activities for members such as book clubs, read alongs, general chats, meet ups, reading retreats, book swaps, gift exchanges, and more.

How do I join a retreat?

Retreats are open for all Book Keepers with a current membership. All details will be shared first in our Discord chat.