Summer Reading Festival

Summer reading is fun again! Remember when in school you had a summer reading list to complete and you could then turn in your reading log to your teacher or library to earn prizes? Well, we’ve made it a lot more fun! This is a musical festival-themed reading raffle! You choose the books to read, it just needs to match one of the prompts provided to earn a raffle entry! We have 75 prompts to choose from and 5 different Prize Hauls up for grabs!

The festival will run from June 1 – Aug 31. Buy a $15 ticket to join the summer reading festival, read books based on the provided prompts, & log them for entries toward the giveaway over on our exclusive discord server. We have over $500 worth of prizes to giveaway to 5 winners who will be selected via random drawing at the festival’s close. Doors open May 30th (Discord link and prompts revealed) and the festival officially begins June 1st! While this event is hosted by The Book Keepers, it has open admission to anyone 18+ and US-based.

There are 5 Prize Haul categories called “Coachella, Warped Tour, Stagecoach, Woodstock, and Burning Man.” Each one contains 15 unique reading prompts, for a total of 75 prompts for the whole festival. You can read from all categories or focus all your attention on a single Prize Haul of your choosing. The more books read/entries submitted, the higher the chances you have to win. That’s it: read books related to a prompt, log them on Discord, and you’re eligible to win a Prize Haul!

Keep reading below for a complete list of prizes, rules, reading prompts, and a FAQ section.


Please note we are not affiliated with any of these shops or businesses and 100% of the Ticket fees go to these packages. Depending on the crowd turnout, there is always a chance of more items being added.

Burning Man

A 3-month subscription to Book of the Month ($60 value)

A mug from Southeast Merch Co that says “Surviving Purely Out of Spite” ($20 value)

Gold cacti book ends ($20 value)


A mystery crystal set ($30 value)

Preorder of choice (up to $30 value)

Zipper pouch from Out of Print ($15 value)

Library socks from Out of Print size large ($15 value)


Bath items from Wicked Suds ($20 value)

Bamboo adjustable book stand ($20 value)

Fiction Bath Co Deep Waters Summer Pamper Box which includes: wood wick candle, perfume oil, bath bomb, bath soak, soap bar, and herbal tea ($76 value)

Warped Tour

A book pillow by Book Seat ($40 value)

Package of highlighter tape for annotating ($15 value)

$30 gift card to Wicked Whimsy

Bookish sticker pack ($10 value)


A book sleeve OR kindle sleeve of choice from Book Barn Galore (up to $36 value)

Choice of 2 stickers + a 4 pack of bookmarks from Mirkwood Scribes (up to $22 value)

Personalized library stamp ($20 value)

$20 Barnes & Noble gift card


By purchasing your Festival Ticket, you agree to the following rules:

US only and participants must be 18+ and willing to share their mailing address in the event they win a prize

Books must be Middle-Grade reading level or above to count towards prompts

Books must be finished during the period of June 1, 2023, through August 31, 2023.

Entries must be submitted by September 1, 2023, by 8 am CST

Each participant may only use one book per prompt

1 prize package per participant, if your name is selected as a winner it will be removed from the subsequent lottos

Entries must include a mini review AND answer the questions related to the prompt

If you win a prize, you have 1 week to follow up with the hosts to confirm your mailing address & choices for personalized prizes, or else the prize will be given to another random winner.



Is this a real festival? No, it’s a virtual bookish event. Like a grown-up version of the library summer programs, we all loved as kids.

What is it? A summer reading program where you read books from a list of prompts and earn entries into prize raffles

Who can join? US residents, 18+

Do I have to be a member of The Book Keepers Community to join? No, this is open to any US resident 18+

How do I join? Buy a $15 ticket here. And you will get a link to the festival discord & list of prompts by May 30th, 2023

Why is there a fee? Unlike library programs, we don’t have grants or sponsors. All prizes are paid for by the hosts in advance and we use 100% of the entrant fee to cover that cost. If we have a huge turnout and recoup all our costs, more prizes will be added!

Can my friends join? Yes! The more tickets sold = more prizes!

Who is hosting this? Coco, Kelly, & Katie from The Book Keepers Community

Is there a deadline to join by? Yes, we want to leave it open as long as possible for latecomers but we also need to have a cut-off to finalize any additional prizes based on enrollment. Therefore, July 18 will be the last day people can join the Summer Reading Festival.

How many winners will there be? 5. Each of the prize hauls will be given away at the end of summer. Each person can only win 1 of the hauls, to better spread the love. If you win one haul then your name will be pulled out from subsequent drawings.

So you mean if I win, I get EVERYTHING listed under that specific prize haul? YES!

Where do I log books? Our private discord server will have a designated spot to log your books read for entries into the raffles. There will also be a downloadable PDF participants can use for their personal tracking.

Do I have to use Discord? Yes, this is the easiest way for our hosts to review and credit entries in a systematic way. However, you can track your books on the Downloadable PDF and then only log on periodically to submit your entries to Discord. Submissions must be entered by Sept 1, 2023, at 8 am CST to be counted.

How many books do I have to read? The number is up to you! There’s a maximum amount of 75 because that’s how many prompts we have, but you can read any amount up to that. The prizes are drawn from a lottery style and you earn entries for each book recorded, so essentially you could win a prize for reading only 1 book! But the more you read, the more times your name is put into the random number generator and odds of winning will be increased.

Can I upload all my entries at the end of the summer? Though we’d love for you to submit entries more frequently to help reduce the work of hosts, you CAN upload all entries at one time near the end of the festival (by Sept 1, 2023, at 8 am CST)

How do you know if people read the books? We believe in karma and that book people are good people. Some of this is honor based. In order to gain an entry for the lotto, you will be required to submit a mini-review and answer a few questions related to the prompt and the book you selected.

Can you give a prompt example? Sure! This isn’t one for this year, but here is an example of what a prompt will look like. A Book Set in a Cold Climate: write a short review then answer the following questions. Where does the story take place? Is it a real or fictional location? Was the book what you expected, why or why not.

Where can I find the prompts for this year? These will be released via email to participants by May 30th to give everyone a few days to prepare their TBR & this is also when everyone gains entry to the Discord server. If you are a late joiner, you will be emailed the PDF and Discord invite link immediately after buying your ticket.

What if I have more questions? Email Coco at or DM her on Instagram by clicking here.